Too Much Time On My Hands
Names Nahiyan. Age 14. Love painting my nails, love taking pictures, thus this blog was born! Here you are gonna find my nails, I usually do then ever week. Tutorial on how to do them. And picture and videos of my inspirations. Enjoy!
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Too Much Time On My Hands
My other hand for NEDAW and self harm awareness day. It says love because all someone needs is love to help them over come their problems. One person caring can save another life. The thumb is the ribbon.  Half orange and half green for both causes. Reblog, like, share, just spread the word and show you care.
My nails for eating disorder awareness week and self harm awareness day
Here’s whats in each finger 
Thumb: green ribbon for eating disorder, then EDAW 2013 written in purple
Pointer: the EDAW symbol. 
Middle: a heart drawn in half orange and half green for both causes
Ring: a butterfly for self harm (the butterfly project)
Pinky: orange ribbon for self harm
Please reblog,like,share just to spread the word
EDAW starts today
Again my other hand of random designs.
Just a few random designs, I know it’s kinda messy but I just forgot to remove the excess.
A cute and simple design
Things needed: base and top coat, any polish color of your choice I used blue, black polish and some sparkly polish
1. Paint your nails with the base coat
2.paint your nails with whatever base color you used
3. Now with the black paint a diagonal line on the nail, a little higher then exactly the middle then fill it in
4. You can leave it at that and seal it with a too coat if you like or you can Add some of the sparkly nails the black portion 
5. Paint a Top coat to keep the design safe and your done! Hope you have fun doing these!
Argyle nails! Woo HOO neediness!
Now I got my inspiration from “cutepolish” so I’m going to just put the link to her video. A lot of my idea come from her bit she’s seriously amazing
Anyway here the link:
Hopefully it works. :)
Yin- Yang Nails Pretty Simple to do 
What you need: base and top coat, black and white polish, dotting tool, or a thin brush and stripers would be helpful. 
1. Paint a base coat
2. Paint the entire nail black 
3. Using a white striper, or just the regular white, paint a curved line. 
4. Fill in the white part
5. Now using a dotting tool, brush, toothpick, whatever your using, make a small white dot on the black half and a black dot on the opposite side on the white half
And your done!!! 
Hopes you had fun doing these’
Ombre Tiger Nails How To:
Note : there are a few ways to do this but I’m doing the steps to the prettiest way in my opinion, the ring finger. Blended the colors well
Materials needed- base and top coat, white polish, two colors of your choice, black striper, makeup sponge, piece if paper, and a toothpick 
1. Apply base coat
2. Paint all your nails white, you can choose to wait for it to completely dry but I really didn’t. 
3. In a piece if paper paint a little but if color one and right next to it paint a little but of color two
4. Using the toothpick, slightly blend the colors going in a zig zag motion
5. Dab the sponge on the polish and apply to nail. Repeat as needed until the color shows nicely. Hope you have fun doing it!